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    * Real time backup for MSSQL

    I need an MS-SQL server hosting with a real-time backup for the database on a remote datacenter
    Plus in case of emergency i need to transfere my backup SQL to a working hosting in the least time ..
    i'm thinking of having a dedicated server as a primary solution & A VPS for the secondary backup ...
    what i can't figure out is :
    1- is it available to have this real time backup between the 2 MS-SQLs having them in diffrent datacenter & may be at diffrent companies ??

    2- could i use MSSQL workgroup edition ??? or i need a higher edition ??

    3- how could i shift between my primary & secondary (in case of emergency) do i use name servers ?? how ?? or could it be better to have both working & syncronized ( instead of one primary and another secondary )???

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    Amr Mohsen

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