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    Exclamation Digital Camera Memory Card Problem

    Hi guys,
    Well my mother took a Christmas picture of me and my brother; it was taken after a quincinera ceremony that my brother and I were on the court for. It worked fine for a while but now when we try to access the card either via the digital camera or the computer using a memory stick reader we get an error; "Card not readable." My mom is really sad about this. Is there anything that can be done, or any place that I could go to that might be able to recover the data on this card?

    I know that files can sometimes be obtained off of a corrupt harddrive, just not sure if its possible for a digital camera memory card.


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    I've had it done with a CF card but I assume you got an SD? If it's a secure disk then you should be able to read the images, is it viewing the pictures in the camera still? Take it to a camera shop, don't let them fix it until they've explained why it's failed and how they're fixing it.

    I've only just got into Photography and many camera dealers tend to overcharge and/or charge for things that don't need to be done!

    Just be carefull!
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    A friend of mine once sent an unreadable diskette to the manufacturer (3M), and they recovered the files for her. Maybe you could check with the manufacturer of the card. They don't want to have a reputation for selling cards that destroy your pictures.
    In the future you need to copy pictures to other backup media.

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