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    Orbit server management: what is it?

    I noticed that both and offers Orbit ("The Planet's customer portal, leads the industry in simplifying account and server management for our customers.").

    I don't know nothing about managing a server; I don't know what "root" is; will in your opinion Orbit be "user friendly" for me?
    Or it is something for advanced users who already knows how to manage a server?

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    Orbit will be useful to submit tickets, reboots etc but will not help with the actual managing of the server at all. You will need to get a management plan from them or anouther company if you dont know anything about root, or even what it is. Your best bet amy be going for a fully managed host Owner: Providing Security, Administration and Optimization since 2001

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    ThePlanet offer orbit and ev1servers offer servercommand, both are excellent portals to provide you all the necessary tools such as reboots/graphs/billing/console/scanners/dns etc. Both have their own unique features.

    It will be intersting to see what the portal will look like when they operate under the same name, if they will use one or the other or if they will have a new one, we will have to wait and see.

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