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    * Advanced Image Hotlinking Problem !!

    Ok i have a pic hosting site on a small scale that i established mainly for my own forums use !!

    Now i want help in this

    On Forums the direct image is posted in the manner [img][/img]

    How do i enable hotlinking in this manner such that only my friendly site can post image in the [img][/img] format and if other sites try to do this they get the error message or whatever labbllaaa !!

    I Googled andfound this

    Now my site is and my frindly site is my forum !!

    Can you guys help me out with it please !!

    I tried the above link help but i can still post the images on otherforums with the format i dont want to !!


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    What part of it did you try? The htaccess script there works very well from my experience (haven't used that exact script, but something which looks like it)...

    Furthermore, what apache version are you running? Could you please post the code you added to your site as well?
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