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    For Sale: - Lots of potential, priced to sell

    Okay, so heres a little backstory.

    I run a website,

    The hosting got a little pricy and I decided to open to make some money and send out some free merch to people.

    In 3 months I had made over 2000 dollars, and only 4 or 5 people had finished the site without breaking rules and were able to get prizes.

    The problem is, the Jack's Mannequin fanbase isn't the biggest, so slowed down after about 5 months...

    I made a website, - it's set up with a script that costs over 200 dollars with all the addons I have on it (instant crediting, prize categories[so you can have different bands]) etc, but I just haven't had the time to set it up.

    I'm selling it because my hosting fees were due on the 10th and I have no money to pay them, and I have no money for christmas gifts for my family. I should have set it up long ago, but never got around to it.

    You set it up with an publisher program.. I use InstantDollarz publishers. The way it works is you have a lot of referrals because the offers require no money. Like I get $3 every time someone signs up for FreeGasAlert, and all they have to do is put in their email and a little other information.

    If you want to talk prices, my eMail is [email protected] and my AIM is jordangrelewicz. I am accepting paypal.. you will get all the files and the database and I will transfer the domain to you. I'll help you get it moved to your server...

    I am looking for atleast $500 dollars, since the script itself costs that much (I'm friends with one of the people who made it, so I got a discount, but I still paid a big chunk.) HOWEVER - I will bargain. It is a website, which, if set up, can easily make that much money in a week. However, it requires you to look up bands and advertise the link to those bands communities. It would take about a half hour to 2 hours a day to do that and go through support, and with my hectic classes I don't have the time for that.

    Yet again
    Email: [email protected]
    aim: JordanGrelewicz

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    Since it won't let me edit it, I need to add in : I'll accept a smaller amount of money for a quicker sale, as I need to pay for hosting and a couple other bills, plus get gifts, very soon.

    Also, I'm accepting paypal for payment, nothing shady like egold or anything.
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    If I can sell it today(sat) or tomorrow(sun), I will happily take $350 bargain-free. You can try to talk it down if you can reason it with me, too.
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    Still looking for a buyer.. will take $300.
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    As I would really like to sell it today, I will take $250 - that's half of what I was originally asking for.

    This website uses a script,
    Projekt-IRS: Price $199.95

    It also has 3 addons:

    Auto-Crediter: Price: $89.95

    Offer Weight: Price: $79.95

    Reward Categories: Price: $24.95

    The script alone for what I have set up would cost $395. It is a legal, uncracked, unhacked script. I got it for a cheaper price because I'm friends with one of the people who helped make it, but it is still fully legal and the code is the exact correct code.

    This means you're saving $150 on a script (only paying 250), and getting the domain and idea for a site for free, which I have proven works with my old site, - where I made over 2000 bucks in just a few months.

    I really need to get this sold so I can pay off my hosting bill and buy XMas gifts.. I'd like to sell it today. Even if you can't reach the price I'm asking for, please contact me with offers.
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    This is the last price drop, I'll sell the site for a minimum of $150. I will not bargain this down.. I really need to sell it ASAP.
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    Is anyone interested in even offering a price?
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    I need to sell this by Tuesday or it's not for sale anymore. If I can't sell it, I'll just set it up later and make more money in the longrun.. I'd rather keep it easy and sell it so I can pay off my hosting and buy gifts, but its priced so much below what it should be, I'm not keeping it this low for long.
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    No longer for sale, thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shamash
    No longer for sale, thanks.
    Okay, then we can close this
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