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    Question Is this host good?

    I would like to know if this hosting company is a good one to go with.

    please let me know


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    While searching this forum about them, I only found 1 thread. ( not much help there)

    Try sending them an email to see how fast they response. Even better, ask them a technical problem. -Quality Web Hosting & Reseller Plans
    Web Hosting Since 1999
    Toll Free 1-866-307-HOST

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    ohh ok ....thats sounds good.


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    * probably NOT...

    While searching for a new host for my site I have e-mailed them several questions, and have never received a reply. This is a bad sign, and I would not try them.

    I do not have any personal experience with the following hosts -- my research has not finished yet -- but at least their respnses to my inquiries were rapid and accurate, and their prices seem to be very good for what they offer:

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    I personally have never heard of them, i recommend using a host which is talked about quite a bit on WHT that way you can get good and bad reviews from customers before signing up

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