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    FTP Storage space for site


    I'm looking for a FTP server or a storage solution to host files to link to from my site (clans frg movies, game patches,maps etc)

    Does anyone know any companys that would allow this - guess I need 10gb storage space max and 500gb transfer? a month.

    I found this site:

    It does state no mass distribution though

    Any advice on some hosts to go for?

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    Most providers can provide this, you just need someone with FTP access, as all you need to do is link the downloads from your site to your storage account and have all your files hosted there and just the basic html loaded on your main site

    hope this helps

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    you can try they have good hosting.

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    I would just use another web hosting company(one that provides alot of Disk Space) and then you could just upload your files via FTP there.

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