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    Script similar to MySpace

    I am trying to find a script where my customers can edit pages through a simple online editor (just using basic text) and then the script will convert the text into HTML and update the corresponding page so that the new information can be viewed on the web.

    Myspace uses something similar as if you try to edit like the about me section or music section then you can just type basic text into the the corresponding text area, hit submit, and then it will update the information onto your actual profile so the results can be seen.

    I'm sure this is pretty simple and I bet hotscripts may even have something for free that I can use (although I am willing to pay) but I'm not sure what keywords to even search for as I don't know what to call this kind of script.

    Note that I am not looking for a full featured online website creator where they can add pictures and other details. Just basic text is all they will need to update.
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    There are loads of editors listed at

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    FCKEditor is good, and works on both PHP and ASP, have a look at that
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    Quote Originally Posted by cpickering
    FCKEditor is good, and works on both PHP and ASP, have a look at that
    Yea FCKEditor is great it works in more languages than just PHP and ASP, and also integrates other useful features apart from editing / creating html.

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    I used FCKeditor as well. I used to use TinyMCE but it would invalidate my xhtml, css.

    FCKeditor is nice because it supports various languages. JS, Perl, PHP, ASP etc

    Though if you use IE as your browser when using it. It reads Enter keys as <p> whereas Firefox reads Enter Key as <br />
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    i think if you check out scriptlance and other freelancer area, you will find plenty

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