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    * Speed impressions of ServInt, KnownHost, DeHe

    I've had a VPS account with DeHe for a few months, but I always noticed the site was significantly slower than it should have been. Like, much slower than shared hosts I'd had. So I signed up with both ServInt and KnownHost a few days ago so I can evaluate them, as they both have great reputations here. All three VPSs were around $45/month with 256 MB of RAM and similar everything else.

    One of my scripts loops through 473 images, generating thumbnails and doing some pixel-level operations of those images. But it only does one image at a time -- then a thumbnail is loaded in my web-browser, and when the loading finishes, the server script is run for the next image. So the script takes a fraction of a second to run, and it's run 473 times. This has the happy effect of accurately replicating actual legitimate website activity, and it doesn't trigger any throttling the server may be doing against long scripts.

    The script takes 300-320 seconds on DeHe. It takes 160-161 on ServInt and 167-190 on KnownHost.

    So DeHe is slow as hell. Here are some actual webpages:


    Feel free to browse around; the main and image pages print execution times on the bottom, as SQL time, PHP time (which doesn't include SQL time), and the estimated time it took to load on the client. Yes, they are PHP scripts despite the HTML extension. I find that ServInt consistently runs SQL queries in about 0.01 seconds and takes about the same to run the PHP scripts. KnownHost for some reason invariably takes 0.10 seconds for SQL (you'd expect it to vary but it rarely does). DeHe can take several seconds (!) doing the same.

    Even though ServInt is reliably faster than KnownHost in server-side times (at least on the servers I'm currently on), my ping with ServInt is pretty low and this makes loading times worse with them, particularly when there are many images. Here's another website:


    This website uses Google Maps for drawing the map, so to some extent all three would exhibit similar behavior. But the images are local and I find it's much faster on KnownHost. I'm in California, KH is Texas, and ServInt is Georgia. So maybe distance is the only reason... can you guys report which sites appear to load quickest for you?

    EDIT: Click the image stacks to zoom in on that stack.

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    I suppose I should assume that you aren't hitting any resource limits on the first box? Did you show this info to your host? I think if you have, you would have been moved to a less loaded node... but it's always easier to post on WHT I guess...

    Servint works out for me/my connection the best in this case.
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    KnownHost loaded 2x as fast for me than the others. I honestly think it's all about where the DC's are and where you are when you load up the pages. Who knows... all I know is, Knownhost loaded up much faster for me, almost instantly.

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    Knownhost connects faster then other but page load times where longer for me. Overall I'd say there ain't big differences in all.
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    DeHe does not even resolve for me, perhaps you took it down?

    ServInt is the fastest (I'm in New York, and ServInt I think is in Virginia). I read that Bob Farmer (owner of ServInt) said that they 'cap' all VPSs, but this one works very nicely... perhaps I should go with them.

    KnownHost is kind of slow to load the page compared to ServInt.

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    Yes, I took the DeHe site down and the domain names now point to the ServInt account, since I've decided to go with them.

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    CgameProgrammer and others

    can you suggest me what the best vps

    Looking Best services(Support)
    Good Price
    Good Specification
    Good speed

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    Hello Muniery! As you can see CgameProgrammer went with Servint, so that must be his suggestion. I confirm that it's a good company.
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    TQ for the info..How about

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    Quote Originally Posted by CGameProgrammer
    I'm in California, KH is Texas, and ServInt is Georgia. So maybe distance is the only reason... can you guys report which sites appear to load quickest for you?
    FWIW, ServInt has data centers in Virginia and Washington, D.C.

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    Quote Originally Posted by compuwar
    FWIW, ServInt has data centers in Virginia and Washington, D.C.
    Yeah it was DeHe I'd been thinking of; they were in Atlanta. The server I'm on with ServInt is in Virginia.

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