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    80 - $3.94/Day - 1100+ uniques/Day - All Type-ins

    I am selling the high traffic domain The domain is a typo of & hence all it's traffic is from direct type-ins.


    According to TrafficZ it's daily average is over 1100 uniques/day.


    I have tried it at several different parking providers (at the moment it's with iMonetize) but TrafficZ has by far been the best.

    Below is a screenshot of the revenue at TrafficZ when I had it parked there in April of this year. If you require newer stats from TrafficZ I can move it back there for a little while if needed.

    As you can see the month averages out to $3.94/day revenue.


    The domain is with - this is my only domain with them so I can just give you the account so we don't need to worry about any transfers. :-)


    Offers of $2k & up plz. (Just under 18 months rev.)


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    Current high offer of $2k.

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