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    New kid on the Block Netstarhost

    opions please working on design for biz hosting

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    Aug 2001
    it is ok.....
    Nice simple layout which I liked........

    A couple of things however::
    1) there are too many links there at the top......I was sitting for a couple of minutes just trying to decide where to gets a bit overwhelming.......

    2) Lets say a visitor hits your site, they are looking for hosting, but dont know much about it.......Your home page does not really convey the point strongly that you are selling hosting.......Standard features??
    Just remember, not all visitors are hosting/web educated....

    cheers and good luck

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    Dec 2001
    as the 21 said you have too many links at the top, you have some redundant links, you have image links and text links that lead to the same place eliminate one. I would say to take out the text links and leave the image links. then I would move your text links elsewhere on the site.

    I would also recommend either shrinking that huge image or removing it all together. You need more info on your site like 21 said. How about some plan teasers, I see you have a listing of what all plans include, but how about some info in individual plans? That is always helpful for a customer to decide whether or not to dive further into your site. -- coming soon to an internet near you...

    Oklahoma Sooners all the way baby!!

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    Chicago, Illinios
    I think there are too many links at the top too. Quite overwhelming.

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