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    Varhosting, I need support!

    I've been a Varhosting Reseller customer from May 2005.

    This recent few days (has become over a week now) my webhosting is being flooded with junkmails. It's over 150 junk per day. This last four days only has totalling over 2100 junks.

    I tried to query for support but my login was rejected, I tried the e-mail look up but the forum said my e-mail was not there.
    I remember several months ago I could login without a problem, back then the query was one of my accounts were missing.

    I tried to contact by e-mail to the address stated in the website (the one with web host migration news) to no avail.

    I tried to open a chat (there is a link for this on varhosting site) but nobody ever there. I've been leaving messages for two times, two days ago and two day.

    It's like I've been cut-off as one of varhosting's customer (do I even exist in their customer's database?).

    Anyone can help? Thanks very much.

    PS: Anyone from Varhosting should read this and respond.
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    This not the varhosting support forum. I suggest you continue trying their contact channels or browse the current varhosting threads for alternative means of support.
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