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    "index page"

    hey guys,

    i know there are files out there that you can simply drop into a web folder and for e.g. call index.php, and if you browse to that it shows you the contents of the directory in a nice layout and you can just download the files?

    do you know of any easy/free ones? preferably something that may link to mysql and show how many times each file has been downloaded?


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    If you just wanted it to look fancy, you can look into the capabilities of mod_autoindex for apache. This is what creates the indexes and has many options to "beautify" the output.

    I do not know of one off of the top of my head of a script that will also show howmany times a given file was downloaded however, you could use this great community to see if someone will build you one. Would be a pretty basic php/mysql script. Try the "Other Offers and Requests" section.

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