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    PHP Programmer required


    I need an experienced PHP/MySQL programmer for customization work on an OSCommerce shopping cart project.

    The work will include adding contributions and some custom coding work to be done. It would be great if you have done some OSCommerce customization.

    Please contact me on this thread, by PM or email me at vkapadia (at) gmail (dot) com

    Vipul Kapadia

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    pm sent - i look forward to hearing from you.

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    For all interested this is the work to be done:

    The following customizations are needed to be done for a OSCommerce shopping cart. OSCommerce has been installed with templates (STS) on the server.

    1. 2 fields to be added as part of the product information.
    Product code and old product code. These codes have to be displayed along with the product as well as allowed to be added/editing in admin

    2. Search for product should search in product code and old product code

    3. For some products it is required that another product i.e. a packing product such as dry ice has to be automatically added. However, if a user buys 2 products, dry ice has to be added only once.

    4. 2 Views to be created to show all products listed alphabetically and numerically based on product code.

    5. Interface to be provided in the admin module to allow discounts. It should allow discounts to be provided for some customers.

    6. For payments, a option for PO should be added that should allow PO Number and PO Date.

    7. When user has switched currency to Euro or Pound, the final payment screen should be shown in Dollar only and the credit card has to be charged in US Dollars only

    Following are the modules already available for oscommerce and can be helpful,689 - Customer Discount,1880 - Payment as purchase order,2015 - bundle product

    Let me know what it will cost and how soon you can complete the work.


    Vipul Kapadia

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    I can help you with this
    Primary email: advanced dot programmer at gmail dot com ..

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    Will recommend you Experianced one especially with CMS and Oscommerce.

    Thank You

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