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    .TV and .CC moves to eNom management from Verisign

    As some have recently received emails from .TV registry that .TV management is moving to eNom for management.

    i've noticed that both .TV and .CC has exchanged hands from to and from to to

    a copy of their recent email below:

    Dear KuwaitNET Hostmaster .,

    We wrote to you on the 7th of December 2006 to advise you of an important update. In an effort to enhance the portfolio of domain name-related products and services available to you, The .tv Corporation is pleased to announce that we have signed a service agreement with Demand Media to manage the administration of our customerís domain names and customers. eNom, Inc., a Demand Media company, will be the direct provider of these domain name registrar services.

    You will benefit from the full array of domain name registrar services and value-added products that eNom, a top 5 registrar, can provide. eNom's business model is built on a strong network of resellers and retail clients worldwide, and a strong, loyal and successful customer base due to their high quality service and solid technology platform. Additionally, eNom and its parent company Demand Media have a vision that leverages domain names and new media with the goal of strengthening the positioning of the .tv Top Level Domain Name (TLD) as the place online for rich media.

    The transition will take place on December 12, 2006. This email provides important information about the transition. We will also send additional communications prior to the transition date to keep you informed.

    Both companies will continue to be dedicated to our common goal: the commitment to putting customers first. You can be sure that eNom will work to ensure that you continue to receive outstanding customer service before, during, and after the administrative transition. Additionally, both companies are working to ensure that this process is as seamless to customers as possible.

    Below is a selection of Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand the initial phase of this transition.

    1.) Which company will be my new registrar?

    eNom, one of the largest registrars in the domain industry, will be the new registrar for current .tv Corporation customers. For more information on eNom visit their Web page at

    2.) Will I still be able to log into my account to manage my domains?

    Yes. Currently, you can continue to manage your domain registrations and other services at When your account is transitioned to eNom, you will be able to manage your account online from their site. Links to their site will be provided on the homepage to provide you with access into your log in area with eNom. You will be able to use your existing username and password the first time you log in, at which time you will be prompted to change them.

    3.) How will I be able to check my e-mail for this account? Will my e-mail messages be deleted?

    E-mail messages that currently reside on The .tv Corporationís webmail accounts will NOT be deleted. You will be able to log onto your webmail account at In addition to logging on at, there will be a link on eNom's account management page to your webmail account. Please note that if you have used a client-based program such as Outlook to download e-mail messages from the webmail interface, you will have to maintain these messages if the program parameters are set to delete the mail from the server.

    4.) Will the DNS records of my site be compromised with a move to a new registrar?

    No, all nameserver records will remain unchanged.

    5.) I currently use a credit card to auto-renew my domains and I saved my credit card information under my account info. Will the .tv Corporation send my credit card information to the new registrar?

    As a measure to protect the security of your credit card information, The .tv Corporation will not release your credit card information to eNom. eNom will contact you based on the mailing address currently on your account with us and distribute notifications to renew your domain names. Please ensure your contact details are up to date.

    6.) Will my user ID and/or password change for logging into my account?

    Current usernames and passwords will be available for a one-time logon with eNom. After the initial log on, you will be prompted to enter a new username and password.

    7.) When will I be able to log into my account with the new registrar?

    The effective date of the transition is scheduled for December 12, 2006. Until that date you can continue to manage your registrations and the services you currently enjoy with the .tv Corporation as you are doing today. Links to eNomís website will be provided on the .tv Corporation Web page.

    8.) Will the same e-mail forwarding services be setup for my account with the new registrar?

    Yes, all e-mail records that are currently on file at the .tv Corporation will be transferred to eNom.

    9.) Will the same web-forwarding services be setup for my account with the new registrar?

    Yes, all web-forwarding records that are currently on file at the .tv Corporation will be transferred to eNom.

    10). Will my parked Web page (e.g. under construction page or for sale page) be impacted?

    Your parked Web pages will look a little different in terms of layout and design, but the content will not change. Until December 12, you can continue to manage your page as you do today. After December 12, you can manage the content and the page by logging into your account at eNom and using the eNom domain control panel.

    11.) Will the registration term for my domain be the same or will it change with the change in registrar?

    No, your registration term will not change. eNom will contact you to renew your domain once the term is due for renewal. Please ensure that your contact data is up to date.

    12.) Are there any current email features that will not be supported?

    Yes, Group Lists and POP3 Events (retrieving email from a 3rd party mail server) will not be supported.

    13.) Will I have to make any changes if I use my own or third-party DNS servers?

    Yes, after December 12th, you will need to change the MX record for eachdo main using our email services. The correct setting will be:

    @ MX 10

    The current mail server will forward mail to the new server after the switch is made on December 12th to protect your mail from being lost in the transition. It is recommended you make your DNS changes on December 13th.

    14.) I use the free Parking Page service templates on my domain ("Site Coming Soon", "Domain for Sale", or "Business Card"), will that still be available for me now, too?

    Yes. You will log into your account and select your domain from your account. eNomís Domain Control Panel will have a setting that will allow you to change or manage these Parking Pages. Should you have additional questions, please send an email to


    The .tv Corporation
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    This is bad news. Currently, eNom are charging an arm and a leg for .cc registrations and the registrar who most discounts .cc registration is GoDaddy. Let's hope eNom reduce their rates and GoDaddy don't raise theirs.
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