I created an error tracking website called codetrail for programmers. Basically, you add a couple of files to each of the websites you have, and from one central location you are able to keep track of any of the errors or exceptions that may occur on your websites. Itís supposed to help simplify multiple site error tracking.

When a userís website errors, the userís website connects to codetrailís secure web-service which logs the error in the database and then informs the user. The user is then able to login to codetrail and see more details about the error. If an error occurs more than once, it is noted on the original bug Ė a new bug report is not opened.

The system allows for multiple users being able to track the bugs from multiple websites. It keeps track of when a bug was added, who it is now assigned to, and if it gets resolved, who resolved it. Typically their will be one administrator within a company that is able to manage the userís for that company and itís websites.

I am wanting to sell the website (and all the code), plus the five domain names. The main domain is codetrail.com (all the others point to it):
  • codetrail.com expires 3Nov07
  • codetrail.net expires 31Oct07
  • codetrail.org expires 31Oct07
  • codetrail.biz expires 18Feb07
  • codetrail.info expires 19Feb07

Features of the site include:
  • New member signup and fully working login system
  • Basic forum, with administration locked forum for posting system updates
  • Secure web-server for automatic bug tracking (requires SSL cert which isnít included).
  • Automatic bug tracking files for users to upload to their websites - the bug details are sent back encrypted to the codetrail webservice.
  • Complete help files
  • Integrated payment processing with Paypal Ė users can upgrade to a paid user and they get more features
  • Fully completed terms and conditions plus privacy policy

The only thing the site lacks is an administration area (the forums have admin options built in) so this will have to be created (itís not a big job).

Very reluctant sale but I took a look at it last week and noticed that I havenít done any work on it for the last six months (there are no current users on the system). I donít have the time anymore to dedicate to this pet project, so it needs someone who can take it over.

Webhosting isnít included in this deal, and you will need PHP and MySQL 4.1 or above (the site utilises subqueries). I am well experienced in this, so I can help you move this site over to your own webhoster.

This offer is for all the code (you are not receiving a copy, you are receiving the original plus all rights to the code), and the five domain names (you will need to organise webhosting, and an SSL certificate to get this site working).

I am a programmer based in Auckland, New Zealand - more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

Payment through PayPal or any other negotiable payment method. I have a reserve in mind, but am looking for offers at this stage. Please PM me over this next week.

Offer ends 12PM, Sunday 24 December.