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    Post What happens to DMOZ now that AOL and Netscape are using Google?

    It has long been a topic since 1995, of contention that DMOZ is corrupt. Personally, I thought that the corruption began as a result of AOL buying Netscape. Netscape had purchased DMOZ in the pass. AOL and Netscape are now using Google.

    Google and AOL both had a common enemy: Microsoft. They seemed to have a natural relationship. AOL and Google began many alliances including Google's strong endorsement of DMOZ. DMOZ, by a weird coincidence), had tens of thousands of links to CNN pages, making the purchase of Netscape/DMOZ the largest link purchase transaction in history in 1995.

    Of course when a link was placed in DMOZ, a link would soon appear in Google's Directory. For years, Google turned a blind eye to DMOZ's corrupt practices.

    According to some news reports in December of 2005, MSN (Microsoft), will soon be providing search results to AOL instead of Google. I wonder what happens to DMOZ as a result? Will Google begin to use a different source for their Google directory? Will Google continue to ignore DMOZ's corrupt practices? Will Google automatically provide a institutional bias to benefit the sites listed in DMOZ? Will the corruption of DMOZ continue?

    However, Yahoo Directory (October 24, 2006) now supports the Open Directory Project (ODP) DMOZ. See this page

    AOL and Netscape are now using Google in or about late October, 2006

    McAfee SiteAdvisor

    McAfee SiteAdvisor, a safe browsing service, collated the new numbers as a follow-up to a May 2006 survey of several thousand keyword searches that found 5% of the links served up by Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and send people to sites that can infect computers with malware or plague users with spam.

    Last month, the same searches linked to 12% fewer sites judged risky by SiteAdvisor; overall, 4.4% of the sites returned by the five search engines were tagged with red or yellow warnings by SiteAdvisor in November of 2006. View Story at:
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    When's DMOZ going to accept sites again anyway?

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    Red face technical problems

    December 3, 2006
    We are currently experiencing technical problems with our servers. Currently the public pages are static pages that have been generated from a backup. This means:

    (1) the public pages do not reflect the most recent updates made to the directory;

    (2) scripted pages, including site suggestion and application forms, are not functioning; and

    (3) editors are unable to check the status of new editor applications.

    We do not currently have an ETA for the resolution of the technical difficulties. We will update this announcement when the system is fully functioning again -- please do not start threads asking why the system isn't working properly or when it will be available again. Thanks.
    This has been at lease 2 months I know of, see this website for details
    as you can see it is in many languages.

    However, Discontinuation of site status checks chosen to discontinue site status checks effective May 21, 2005. Closure of the existing Site Submission Status forums will happen by this date, and we will not be accepting any new status check threads after this time. The submission status forums will be archived.
    see this thread at:


    [English] technical problems
    [Italiano] Problemi tecnici
    [svenska] Tekniska problem
    [français] Serveurs Dmoz hors service
    [Deutsch] Technische Probleme
    [Traditional Chinese] 系統修護中
    [Nederlands] technische problemen
    [Simplified Chinese] 系统修护中
    [Español] Dificultades técnicas.
    [Dansk] tekniske problemer
    [Indonesian] dmoz permasalah teknis
    [Croatian] Tehnički problemi
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    Does Google even use any DMOZ data anymore? I was under the impression that DMOZ was dead.

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    I've never had a single website listed in DMOZ yet they all seemed to be perfectly profitable, accessible, etc... I never understood the whole DMOZ thing.

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    It has long been a topic since 1995, of contention that DMOZ is corrupt.
    wrong year it is 2005 and not 1995
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    DMOZ hasn't been accepting sites in a while, i've submitted all my sites to them before, not one accepted, it's worthless imo.

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    It is my understanding that they accidentally deleted the Admin server. The whole thing.

    Then they found out that the automatic backups had been switched to "manual, on-demand" backups 6 months ago, and no one knew. It's gone. The whole DMOZ system.

    Now they are trying to rebuild it from bits and pieces from all over the net. One of the people trying to put it back together like trying to put the puzzles back together with missing pieces.

    With a response from a Die Hard or Hard to Die DMOZ Meta. From the heart of META Editors about the DMOZ Outage see this thread

    And why is yahoo using an out dated system for information in search results in Open Directory Project (ODP)?
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    Editors deny there competitors from submitting there URLs. It has no point. Humans can never be fair.

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