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    httpd server for high volume dnamic content

    Hi guys, i've got a couple questions here. We run some software that spans two servers. Server 1 servs the application and all of the content. It runs apache 2 and seems to cope with the high number of requests just fine. The second server is simply used to process background processes spawned by the first server. We launch a process on server 2 and then record the result to the mysql database on server 1. These are all php processes that run on server 2, and the volume is quite high (1000 concurrent at any given time). The server is pretty bare bones (just a plain linux box with php and apache), but it's a dual core opteron with 2gb of ram. I was wondering if lighttpd, caudium, or another http server would be better suited to the load. Apache 2 on server 2 runs an average load of over 600 right now and uses a couple GB of swap space. Any experience with any of these other http servers and php?

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    Lighttpd should reduce your load considerably.

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    nginx is good too
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    Lighttpd with fastcgi can scale your requests across as many servers as needed, and its pretty quick. You could probably handle php execution on both machines and end up with faster loads if fastcgi works for you.

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    Thanks guys. I'll give it a whirl and report back my findings.

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