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    [WANTED] Flexable quality designer..

    Hi, I'm currently seeking a hard working high quality, flexible designer who has time to do a project that needs to be finished by December 29th, 2006. I need someone who has strong ability to work on a high demanding project, and has a good attitude towards thing from start to finish, won't stop until the client, me, is completely happy with the design. This design will be for a webhosting company.

    • Hard Worker - Especially on this project, from start to finish
      Needs to have strong ability to work with a good attitude from start to finish, no matter how hard you're pushed. You work until I am completely satisfied with the work.
    • Top quality service
      Design needs to be at top quality service, nothing grimmy and low quality. Something that I can say "Baby, she smiles. Yes she's a keeper" I want my design to smile because it knows it look good, and I know it looks good, likewise, nothing that frowns...
    • Can Code Design
      You NEED to be able to code the design completely, weather through php, html. It needs to be valid coding none of that adobe photoshop pre-codeing.
    • Time to do project
      I know it's around a hectic time. I need someone who has time to do this project and can complete it by December 29th, 2006.
    • Flexible
      Always a plus. I don't need or want someone who's money hungry, meaning pushing a budget when it can't be pushed any higher. Someone who understand where I'm coming from, I'm not a rich person and over here, money don't come easy for me.
    • Available a good amount of time
      I don't need someone who's not going to be online that much but says "I've got time for this project" unacceptable. I need you to be online a good amount of time and can respond to me within that day when I send emails or messages etc.
    • Good turn over times
      When you make the design and I want some things changes, you can change it immediately not "Ok well I will just do that tomorrow because I have some OTHER things I've got to do" I need to feel important here people. My project needs has a due date.
    • Can create over 5 subpages - ****READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE ASSUMING WHAT I MEAN****
      Most designs who are interested in this project turn away when they see how much subpages I need for the price I have, first of all. I want you to understand by what I mean subpage. Subpage meaning all subpages you make for me will keep the design image, not the design design like the index page but just taking out the middle content and calling it a day no. Actully making it a subpage, when you actully make it look like a subpage then all my subpages will look like that it will NOT look different as in each page is different then the other subpage etc, I mean sure if you can add in some images for like my game server or dedicated server thats real cool, but no by all means all of my pages won't look differnt except the main, index page
    • Can create decent logos *NEW* Someone who can create a decent, corporate logo. Ypson does some amazing work but hes too expensive, I'm NOT! asking you to create top quality logo's like him but something that is corporate, nice, strong, smooth. Something I can carry forever, put that logo on t-shirts etc.

    I would also like all of you to know. I'm a hard pleasure, I need someone who is confident they can please me and will work as hard as they can to please me.

    ***For those of you designers who claim 'you're a hard worker' or believe they can take up this project. I am known to be a hard pleasure***

    ***** Budget *****
    My MAX Budget on this project is $230. Can be sent by via paypal OR other ways of me getting the money to you, let me know and I will do it.

    If anyone is interested in this project and CAN FIT MY REQUIREMENTS, I'm interested just PM ME or E-MAIL ME. Email: Yes I do have msn messanger and I am on their daily, so you can add me on their as well. *I will respond to every email, every pm, every message sent to me. If I've found someone, I'll let you know on he spot, I won't update this thread days later responding I've found someone and leaving the unfortuante to guess*
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    To update 12/16/2006

    Hi, as of this point and time I'm no longer seeking a designer as this position has been filled by a member on here. I feel this designer I choosen fits my needs and my requirements perfectly and maybe more. Don't be too shattered, I am still accepting applicants, if you are interested just contact me and we can talk.

    For those of you who put in an effort, I appreciate it I really do. Thank you all for who have applied and I only wish you the best of luck in the future, please stay in contact as future projects may require your needs.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Hi! I'm still currently seeking someone to fill this position. I can't stress this enough but please make sure you Fully read, understand my requirements. Can fit my budget

    If you feel you are right for my project please, send me a pm or email me personally at Frimon86 -@-, If you've got msn you can also add me on their. I'm online now.
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