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Thread: domain changing

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    Red face domain changing

    i got 2 domain on my server with database

    i would like to change my domain to with everythink.

    i mean my is empty domain has got forum installed but i want to change the domain name .

    i have ssh permition and whm
    my os is centos

    thank you for anyidea

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    anyboady can help?

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    Remove from the server via WHM >> Terminate an account

    Then use WHM >> Modify account , select and click on "modiify" button, and it goes to the next page where you can replace the name by

    Let us know how it goes
    Senior Server Administrator

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    Remove from the server
    1. First login to your WHM then
    2. in the "Accounts Functions" there is and option called "Terminate an Account" from here you can terminate an account for the

    and then
    in the "Account Function" there is an option called as "Modify an Account" from here you can modify the account of to

    this will also modify DNS zone

    Thank you.

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