Do you need a site which requires a dynamic content? Are you looking for it to be done to a professional standard, by a professional programmer? If so, you have come to the right place.

What I Do:
PHP and MYSQL work, anything from small e-mail scripts to full CMS's.
HTML 4.01 template coding

What I Charge:
Varies by project, if it is a new project that I am starting, it will be by the job. If it is a modification or addition to an existing script, $16/hour. Changes in project will be discussed at time of proposal.

My payment method:
-All payments are to be though Paypal

My past works include:
- Anything and everything you see on (a full file upload and management cms)

- The html and php work of this (File upload)

- (A full BB system, feel free to post around in it)

How to contact me:
msn: [email protected]
email: c_programmer [at> sbcglobal <dot] net (Please make title clear, I dont want to mistake your message for spam)
The pm system here.