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    Sample legal forms for hosting biz ???


    I am looking for sample legal forms for hosting business like :

    Reseller contracts
    Business 2 Business Hosting business partnership contract..

    and other forms, hosting related.

    If anyone knows where i can get them samples..or may be free ones..please post the links for me.

    Thanks much


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    Try they didnt reallyhave what i was looking for but maybe have what u need being in the US

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    I have looked into allbusiness and many more sites, i couldn't even find something closer to what i wanted.

    I did find some agreements for Individual partnerships, but i am looking for Business 2 Business partnerships agreements.

    Anyone else know, where can i find a sample one.??


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    I'll see if I can get you some of ours when I get to work
    ::: Jeremy C. Wright :::

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