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    managed hosting provider needed (mail & web)


    I am looking for a managed hosting provider able to support what I thought was a standard setup. I am getting three dedicated boxes running RHEL with no panels. Several managed hosting companies have already said that they do not support the software I need, so any help would be appreciated.

    First, I need to setup a mail server running Postfix, Cyrus-Sasl, SpamAssassin, and ClamAV. Second, I would be looking at web and database servers running Apache 2.2 (oddly, a number of companies don't handle recompiling to 2.2) and MySQL 5.0. I'll be running ruby on rails using a mongrel cluster, but that's specialized enough that I expect to handle it myself (although any company with experience there would be a huge bonus).

    One thing to clarify is that I would need a company which can configure these services. I wouldn't have thought there was a need to mention that but a couple of firms said they could handle this only to later reveal that they would add packages, but not actually configure them to function with one another (especially critical for the postfix server)! I can install packages or compile from source without issues, where I need help is in the configuration.

    I have set systems like this up myself so I could continue to handle it myself, but I would prefer to have someone who has does this regularly to avoid leaving security holes or missing obvious optimizations (and so that I can stop dealing with server administration).

    Thanks in advance for any recommendations or offers!

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    have you thought about an 3rd party administration firm?
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    Unfortunately it sounds to me like you've been talking to a bunch of companies that aren't real managed hosting providers, they're the type that just click things for you in a control panel.

    Any real managed hosting provider will do this for you and manage it all properly, you just need to look around. You will also notice a vast price difference between the companies that click buttons, and those who have good administrative knowledge.

    Good luck.


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    Can't say what your asking for sounds too hard - we're actually noticing an interesting trend here in the of customers (in particular ones with a specialist applicaiton) asking for no control panels and preferring manual configuration.

    As Dan rightly says, any company that does truly "managed" hosting, rather than just sticking a control panel on a box and enabling updates should be able to help you.
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    Those things you asked are easy to install and configure in the server. You just need to look around.


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