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    Talking Hosted eSupport: Your Support Desk Will Always Answer

    Touch Support is proud to announce the creation of our hosted eSupport services. No matter what happens on your network, Touch Support will continue to answer your customers' requests!

    *Hosted eSupport *- $44.95/mo. (Current support customers - $15.00/mo.)
    We offer a unique service that will allow your customers to contact support when they need it most. Consider what happens in the mind of your client when he or she is unable to reach their site and to compound the headache, he or she is also unable to reach your support team via helpdesk!

    Imagine how much your customer relations will improve by having your support area available 24/7 regardless if your entire data center is currently offline.

    *Hosted eSupport Packages include: *
    Kayako Unlimited eSupport License (v2 or v3)
    Your Choice of: or
    Plenty of space for additional support related materials (200 MB)
    Dedicated IPs may be added for an additional $2.00/mo.
    A dedicated team of professionals watching your off-network desk to make absolutely sure that it is online all the time.

    *How it works:

    *1. After placing your order, we will ask you for the following information:
    URL for eSupport (account setup & eSupport license)
    eSupport Version you wish to use: v2 or v3
    Support Email Address you wish to use (we will setup a forward and eSupport pipe as an example so that you can add additional emails and email pipes as you please)

    2. Once your eSupport license is provisioned, we will handle all installation and desk migration (if you choose) absolutely free of charge. Additionally, we will handle your license key maintenance every month (you will not have to upload a new key every month, our team will take care of this for you!).

    3. Forward your current support and related email addresses to your new [email protected] or [email protected]

    4. Update your website to reflect your new support area link; That's it!

    You can sign up online at:

    Use this coupon code, and get the first 30 days of Hosted eSupport, for only $1.00, ESGRWHT


    [email protected]
    260 241 7539
    AIM TSGradyR

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    i am just trying to understand:

    so this includes only hosting, you will not deal with my clients support requests, right?


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