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    Server Slow Down - Not Connection


    We are running a windows 2003 server, with one gig of RAM, a Xeon Hyper Threaded 2.8ghz. We are running Plesk. We have 6 domains, and running a MySQL and MSSQL server. Traffic is really nothing.

    The speed has been great for months, but the last few days pages are really lagging. Often time images, or style sheets don't load. Even sometimes we get timeouts and page not found errors.

    I have been running ping, and the ping times are good though, so its not the connnection. We having 520 megs of available RAM, so not a RAM issue, the CPU usage is very low.

    I have a feeling something got screwed in IIS. What are application pools, I see a bunch of them in the IIS manager. Anyway, to track IIS and see usage and stats about it?

    Thanks for any information and help.
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