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    * No space left creating a new TMP partition


    Iam securing /tmp and /devh/shm directories, /dev/shm is already secure, but I'm getting some erros when I'm trying to create a new tmp partition, it seems it is blocked at 256 MBs.

    [[email protected]:~]cd /dev/; dd if=/dev/zero of=tmpMnt bs=1024 count=800000
    dd: writing `tmpMnt': No space left on device
    249477+0 records in
    249476+0 records out
    [[email protected]:~]ls -alh tmpMnt
    -rw-r--r--  1 root root 244M Dec 15 21:20 tmpMnt
    [[email protected]:~]pwd
    [[email protected]:~]df  -ah
    Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/sda3             150G   60G   83G  42% /
    none                     0     0     0   -  /proc
    none                     0     0     0   -  /sys
    none                     0     0     0   -  /dev/pts
    usbfs                    0     0     0   -  /proc/bus/usb
    /dev/sda1              99M  7.1M   87M   8% /boot
    none                  245M     0  245M   0% /dev/shm
    none                     0     0     0   -  /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc
    sunrpc                   0     0     0   -  /var/lib/nfs/rpc_pipefs
    [[email protected]:~]
    How can I increment space in this partition, or be able to create a new one bigger than this size?


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    Try this:

    dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/temp/temp.img bs=1k seek=256k count=1

    Then you can format that file and mount it.

    mkfs -t ext3 /home/temp/temp.img

    mount -o loop -t ext3 /home/temp/temp.img /tmp
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    Hello Blackknight,

    I don't wanna create another partition in /home, I just wanna create a new /tmp partition on the root /, not inside /home directory. anyway, thanks.

    Any other suggestions ?

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    That is making a /tmp directory..

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    You can create the file anywhere you want as long as you have disk space available. On newer kernels /dev isn't a real file system so you may not be able to create anything bigger than 256 megs there.
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