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    Trouble with reinstallation request this time with

    Trouble with reinstallation request this time with

    I have requested for a fresh new reintallation of OS -
    but then i ve received their reply for asking my address and so on.

    then i ve replied my address within my email, and ask them to reinstall the OS,

    now i am getting another email from them to ask :
    send a copy of my identification.... as:

    please send us a copy/scan of your passport/driverlicense/id-card we must verify who you are.
    come on, dude! It is urgent for me, I can not wait for everytime to send you different things, you have got my email address and you can see that the email is sent from my account. i ve sent emails and always get your reply by another few hours.

    Can you guys just to reinstall the OS for me?
    I have also other servers with other providers, once i ve requested for a new installation of OS from my email address, then they just reply me when they r going to do it and once it s done, then they send me back related info. and that is it! or maybe you guys really need a client page for dealling with those requests.

    So, Can you just make a new installation for my server?
    I really feel bad with what you said for verification, it is just a server, nothing else.

    wish your boss can see it and understand what his clients wants.

    I am requesting once again here!

    Please make a new installation for my server, i have sent you 2 more emails again.
    I really need it urgent, and i do not want to waste more hours on the verification issues, you can check my account at your control panel with my email address.

    Thank you, btw i am not saying is bad, i can understand it is also important to them for security reasons. but it takes me time for sending you a copy of my identification. i do not use scanner, ...

    and i got to go photocopy my colorful passport or id-card into black and white, then it takes time, ...

    so, please reintall me my server ASAP.

    I am also going to update my thread here once it's done!

    thanx, best regards!


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    The installation has done, thank youm!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chessming
    it is just a server, nothing else.
    I would be totally and utterly screwed if one of my servers was randomly wiped and reinstalled... If I were you I'd be glad that they're verifying people's identities for requests like that.

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