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    * Please Review - New Design

    I am looking for opinions, any are welcome.

    Most valuable would be from other shareware developers or online store owners regarding conversions. (something like "making the buy now button this color improved sales for me")

    I am also looking for an alternative payment processor. PayPal is great for me but others don't share my opinion. 2CO seems good, but I'd like a review or two before paying the signup fee.

    Thanks for your time!

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    Very basic in design and very dreary like color scheme. Reminds me of a rainy day. I would through around orange shades along with those colors to add some spice.

    Try google's payment option as well. I have heard people are really getting excited about them. Also - phpaudit is a great piece of software to help handle your sales.

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    I agree with jerett, adding some highlights will definitely make the site a bit more interesting and appealing.
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    the body content looks so simple, i think we should put more graphics design to make them more attractive, some nice images can help you
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