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    Windows AD

    Ok so heres the deal.... I am going to be working with Active Directory soon and heres what I want to try to do.

    I am going to have on server, one laptop, and three desktops. They are going to be in a hardwood flooring store. I have some software I am going to use and it comes with a Front Office and a Back Office version. Heres what I want to do. I want to set it up so each user in the domain can login but when they login I want certain ones to be only able to run the front end program and the front end only, nothing else no IE or anything. Then I am going to have only two other users who will be able to be somewhat "Admins" for it. So I just need to know how can I get it so that when they logon to the domain that only the one program ones and that one program only?

    Thanks any help is much appreciated!
    Logan F.

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