This post is to sell the domain “” to any interested party. A year was spent developing a fork of OScommerce to run the “Thai Shop” that was previously located at The shop did quite well with many sales of merchandise ranging from Thai handicrafts, textiles, household wares, and other products from Thailand. My ex-wife and I managed this site until our divorce in 2005. Our Little Thai Shop was promoted heavily by word-of-mouth, Google AdWords, SEO, and link exchanges.

In 2005, the site was transformed from an e-commerce site to a shopping community. There were more than 300 users at one point discussing about buying things. In 2005 alone I put over 500 hours of SEO work into

It was difficult finding a rare gem of a domain name like in 2004. I spent hours trying every combination of “shop”, “store”, “shopping”, and many more real shopping related words that I thought of trying. was by far the best domain name and I managed to register it before anyone else could. I like how the domain name could be used to promote anything about shopping or shops. can be read in two different ways, E.G: “Shop Shot” or “Shops Hot”. This domain name is short, catchy, it rhymes, and it’s also easy to remember. At first I envisioned an online shopping mall for this domain, but then the web site was transformed into a shopping community. In 2005, there was a links directory of only shopping / e-commerce related web sites located at Some days there were up to 50 links submitted. There was also forum in the past that had more than 300 users registered most of whom were active.

As you can see when you visit you site most of the links are now broken or don’t work.
The site began to deteriorate in 2005 after I went to north Sumatra in Indonesia to help volunteer with an NGO after the Asian tsunami that killed more than 300,000 people. While overseas I needed to switch from one web host to another because my contract was expiring with the first one. It was difficult to move a smooth transition from one host to another because the Internet connection was so very slow in Indonesia. To this day I still haven’t put everything back in working order.

I can include the entire site “as is” to the buyer. lists the estimated domain name value for at $2, 600.00. However, I do think this domain appraisal regarding the value of this domain is most definitely overstated. I have listed through for a much more sane, fair, and reasonable price.

I actually lose 10% of the selling price when I sell through The reason I like to sell domains through is basically just to give confidence both to myself and the buyer. acts as a third party Escrow service to ensure the transfer of the domain and transfer of payment goes smoothly. Therefore, you can rest assured that it would be impossible to be cheated by buying this domain name. currently uses the registrar The domain is just parked with Sale of this domain includes a free push to your account. First I transfer the domain to’s account then after payment is received then transfer the domain to the buyer.

To purchase
Step 1) Point your browser to
Step 2) Click on “project info” at the top of the page in the box.
Step 3) Buyer should agree with the asking price or if you think the price is too high then you can counter with a different offer.

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Other Internet domain names that I currently have for sale:
A) -
Registrar: - Registered Until: Jan/07/2007
This domain name is relevant to the Internet. Seems like a good name to target young people or a site about various genres of people, music, movies, or anything else that has genres. sold previously for more than $10,000.

B) -
Registrar: - Registered Until: Sep/26/2007
A “meme” is any sort of idea that is transferred from one person to another, sometimes referred to as “cultural transmission”. Memes are like genes except for the mind instead of DNA. Originally I envisioned this domain to function as a viral video web site. Both the words “free” and “meme” are perfect for any sort of viral web site. Memes are referred to as “viruses of the mind”. Domain name could also be read as “Free Me Me”.

C) -
Registrar: - Registered Until: Sep/21/2007

D) -
Registrar: - Registered Until: July/01/2007
Ever wanted to "own" the US? This domain name could make a great parody or comedy site. Well, here is your chance!

E) -
Registrar: - Registered Until: Sep/20/2007

F) -
Registrar: - Registered Until: Dec/01/2007
This domain name indicates that this is an informational site to help people find drugs. Originally I envisioned this as a portal where people searched for drug names or information with banner ads to generate income. I seem to get a fair number of hits at this domain even though it’s never been promoted before.

G) -
Registrar: - Registered Until: Dec/04/2007
Wow! This is just the best possible domain if you offer any kind of service that helps people who want to immigrate to the U.S. You can target people overseas or any of the millions of illegal people currently residing in the U.S. The “info” implies that this is a genuine site for information. “USA”, “Immigration”, “Info” – I can not imagine having any better keywords in the actual domain name than these for this niche about USA immigration information.

H) -
Registrar: - Registered Until: Mar/2007
Most people don’t know the term “dark web” yet, but they will soon. The "Dark Web" is content on the Web that is not found in most search engine results, because it is stored in a database rather than on HTML pages (estimated to be up to 80% of the web). -
Registrar: - Registered Until: Mar/2007
Extrasolar refers to any planets outside of our solar system. There are new planets discovered outside our solar system by new scientific methods and technology almost on a monthly basis. I see lots of potential here in the future, especially when humans begin to explore or probe some of these extrasolar planets.

J) -
Registrar: - Registered Until: Mar/2007
“HD” refers to either high-definition TV or radio. This is technology that I believe will be widespread in use within the next five years. This domain is perfect for any high-definition radio or TV station or for an enthusiast who follows this technology.

K) -
Registrar: - Registered Until: Mar/2007
Another tech related domain name that has a lot of future potential. Mag-Lev trains are the trains of tomorrow and also today. Currently there is a mag-lev train in operation in Shanghai, China and some countries in Europe. Some people predict that mag-lev systems are the future of ultra fast mass transit systems around the world. These are trains that use magnetic technology to generate speeds up to 400 or 500 kilometers per hour. Some countries are planning their entire future transportation systems around mag-lev trains.

L) -
Registrar: - Registered Until: Mar/2007
Micro fuel cells are going to replace batteries as we currently know them as the storable and reusable energy sources for consumer electronics. Read more:

M) -
Registrar: - Registered Until: Nov/28/2007
Want to honor all or someone who perished in the tragic September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center Towers in New York City? What about future generations looking for information on this tragic day? How about giving your own side of the story of 9/11? There seems to me to be a million possible uses for this very short and easy to remember domain name related to September 11th.