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Thread: Email problems.

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    Email problems.

    Let me start by saying the raq4 is off site so I'm only able to access it via the internet. The old box we had was starting to crater so our ISP replaced it with a new one. My ISP provides the box but no longer supports it so they are no help. I had them check that the DNS was correct and it is.

    The problem is the incoming email is being kicked back with a 505 error message. Instead of person(@) it's seeing: Host unknown (Name server: host not found). I can't post it like it shows because I don't have 5 posts yet. Yeah it's showing twice like that and the www instead of the xxx.

    FTP and outgoing email is working.

    I've been through this and other forums but haven't found any specific reference to the problem. At this point I'm ready to pay someone to trouble shoot it. I know just what I've read in the manual and these forums about setting it up.

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    For starters, tell us what Raq it is (3/4/550), and check the contents of the file /etc/mail/local-host-names or /etc/ or /etc/mail/access, or if none of those exist, tell us what is in /etc/mail.

    If this isn't a DNS foul-up, then it smells like a mis-config of sendmail.

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    Raq4. What is an etc file? I don't mean to be dense. I don't have access to any code or anything like that or would I know what to do with it if I did. It's a web based server setup thing that starts out with a Cobalt setup start button screen when you go to our URL.

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    $ telnet <> # or use ssh
    login: admin
    password: <yourpassword>
    $ su
    password: <rootpassword>
    # cd /etc
    # ls -l sendmail.* mail
    # cat

    copy and paste the contents. If you don't have shell access to your server, it is unlikely anyone here can help you.

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    Pretend Thursday was the first time I've tried setting up one of these. I'm sure you had a day one once as well. If you want to continue to talk down to me at least you know how far now.

    How do I know if I have shell access and what is that? Where do I copy and paste the info above?

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    I didn't mean to talk down to you, and I'm sorry if you feel that I did.

    You can look in your admin web interface under "telnet" to see if you have telnet access. If you do, then type the boldface stuff above into a DOS box on a windows machine, filling in "" with the domain name of your server, and typing in the appropriate admin and root passwords.

    And, with respect, if you don't know these then you will be better off getting help directly from your hosting provider. The RaQ user's manual is also a good resource -- if you don't have one, I can post a link for you to download and read.

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    First off I'm sorry if my frustration is showing. I should know better. I was up over 24 hours straight trying to get this to work. My company's email isn't functioning and my ISP has thrown me to the wolves because they want their customers to use their shared server instead of the Cobalt box they had initally set us up on and don't support it anymore. I know it's someting I have set incorrectly but have no idea what it is.
    I've gone through the setup in the Raq 4 manual (284 pages) and I think I've set everything correctly. I've gone through it several times and don't know what I'm missing.
    Sadly I'm on a Mac so I don't have a DOS window. The Server Management window under Services says I have Telenet toggled on but I don't have any Perameters options like I do for the other settings. How do I get to the numbers you want? I did find a toggle in Site Management under Site Settings that says "Allow Shell Accesss" that is toggled off. Is this the same thing as you were refering to?

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    Yes, toggle "Allow shell access", and instead of a "Dos box", use the "Terminal" program on the Mac, which you will find under Applications -> Utilities in the Finder.

    For faster response and in-person attention, you may wish to use one of the professional Raq support services. I have not had any personal experience with them, but you may wish to look at,, There are many others, which you can find by googling "Raq support" or similar. Their rates seem to run $75-$100/hr, and I suspect that any of them could solve this for you in less than an hour.

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    Thanks for your help and the links. It turned out to be corrupt mailertables and not any of my settings. Yay me! At least I had it set up right.

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