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    Budget Dedicated for around 180$ managed

    I have a project that just launched on a liquidweb vps but the set up doesnt make it possible to let it run smooth and it seems they can't fix it (i had problems since 4 days) even though the same scripts run smooth on 1and1 and hostgator servers.

    Anyway, I'm tired of all this because I got burnt with mediatemple gs before and their downtimes and mysql issues, now with liquidweb vps so I'm going to get a dedicated even though it is probably way too powerful for what i need i just want to have my peace and freedom and don't want to waste half a day explaining some support staff that this and that is not working.

    I have three servers in mind which one would you pick? (I need really good and quick support that's why hostgator is included because I know they have that)

    Hostgator Basic Dedicated

    Servstra Amd Barton 3000 + Cpanel as extra Addon

    Expansion Softlayer AMD Opteron 170-2.0Ghz + Cpanel extra

    Which offer would you pick and why?

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    I suggest you look through offer section. And you have to remember that cheap doesn't mean quality.

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    I wuold say you can't go wrong with AxisHost (AH-Tina posts here) her and her team really know what they are doing!

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    From the 3 you suggest, I think Softlayer is the one that has the most positive feedback here. Use the search function to see what other people think about those providers.
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    if you ask me ... i would choose Softlayer (SERVER4SALE) ..

    why ??

    if you get it from server4sale you get a REAL 24/7 online chat support !! i have server with them and any time i tried to talk to them online they were actually online and i talked to them with out any waiting time !!

    softlayer ?

    you cant go wrong with this company !!

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