Epay2000.com is down not taking any transactions and no pay outs to seller.
I will take any action neccesary to get money back, i lost a lot of money and owner of epay2000.com who is L.P. will pay for it , if i do not get my money bac khe will spend in jail long time. I know the actual address of ovner in canada, he never pick a cell phone, on home phone he alway says the he not owner for epay2000.com, but once his dad ( older mans voice) told me to call to his cell phone, and told me his number, which is matching number i found on whois registration for epay2000 and nettechcommunications.com (now does not exist) If you know how to use it we can work on it, Does it make sence to inform Ontario Attorney General? [email protected] email to us.