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    * Established RSS Syndication/Directory/Resource Site

    Site - RSS MAD -


    RSS MAD is a custom developed and coded website that I am very proud of. This sale is for serious buyers only please, if you are looking for 6 months revenue turnkeys or similar then look elsewhere.

    I have not marketed or promoted the site for several months now, and for reasons detailed below I am choosing to sell it. I spend about 30 minutes a week approving and declining new feed submissions, but that is all, it runs itself otherwise.

    I have no doubts that RSS MAD could become a monster in the syndication/rss/directory fields in the right hands.


    Current Bid: $6,000
    BIN: $8,900

    Page Rank: PR6

    Age of site: 12 months

    You will receive the domain, the entire RSS MAD website, custom scripts to run it, and all the rights to it.

    What is RSS MAD?

    "RSS MAD is a resource for both webmasters and internet users. Not only do we house one of the the largest archives of RSS feeds available online, but we also offer internet users free tools to read the RSS feeds of their favorite websites, and we also have free tools that allow webmasters to syndicate their content quickly and easily throughout the internet."

    Registered Users: 1,165

    Site Features

    In terms of features, there is a help page on the site which can be found here - This page should explain to you pretty well what the site can do. Here's a brief rundown though:

    RSS feed directory (updated every 6 hours via cron)
    Feed syndication (i.e. like Add to My Google, Add to Bloglines, etc)
    Web based URL feed reader
    User registration and login system
    My feed area (where users log in and view all the feeds they have added to their accout)
    URL based feed reader

    All the features above are explained on the help page - I also encourage you to try the site out yourself.

    In terms of administering the site, there is a admin back where you can approve and deny submitted feeds, add feeds, change, edit, delete categories, adminsiter users, and also edit the RSS MAD news (which only appears to registered users in their "My Feeds" area).


    I can only provide awstats for November and a part of October. This is because I changed servers, however there is Analystics stats for both months. By the way, the site is running fine on the Premium plan from - You will note that the majority of the traffic comes from the United States.

    awStats - October

    Traffic -
    Countries -
    Referers -

    awStats - November

    Traffic -
    Countries -
    Referers -

    Google Analytics

    October -
    November -

    You can see in the numbers that a very large amount of traffic comes from Google. The site has SEO URL's, but I haven't really done much else in terms of SEO. The traffic also spikes quite a bit dependant on what is being searched and how the site is ranking for it.


    I have really only tried CPM networks and Adsense on the site. As you can see it is currently running Adsense. Here are the stats:

    October -
    November -

    Why am I Selling?

    I am going to be honest here and not put in the usual "not enough time, I need the money, etc". The reason I am sellimg RSS MAD is because I simply don't know how to promote it properly. I know the potential is there for it to be a very useful site for people, but my specialty is video game sites (the bread and butter of my earnings), and a little affiliate marketing. Beyond the press release that I did for PRWEB when RSS MAD was launched -, I simply havent done any marketing or promotion, and I guess that is reflected in the stats.

    I had RSS MAD developed because I saw RSS as expanding extremely rapidly, and wanted a site made in that area. The expansion is happening right now and RSS will only get bigger (Windows Vista etc). However I am not qualified in a marketing or promotion sense to handle the site.

    Other Sources of Revenue?

    As noted, I have no experience in running directory/RSS/syndication sites, but you may want to look at subscriptions etc for the synidcation part, selling the front page links for a monthly fee, even making the directory a "premium directory" of sorts and only manually taking entries for a yearly fee. There is also Text-Link-Ads, Intellitext, etc.

    Other Details

    RSS MAD will most likely not run on an average Cpanel server. The reason for this is that there are custom Python modules and scripts that need to be installed, and because the site runs on PostgreSQL. It does not run on MySQL. I have a list of the various PHP settings that are needed, and also how to install the Python stuff. What I am really saying is that if you don't know much about server admin, or you don't know someone who does, you might want to look into that. Most hosts should be able to get everything installed so the site runs properly, I have changed hosts 3 times and all have been able to do it no problem. If you wanted, you could probably even simply take over my account at (which is only $30 or so per month).

    I will try and help the buyer as best I can after the sale to get the site up and running on their server.

    I reserve the right not to sell the site if an offer I don't like is made, and I reserve the right to sell immediately if an offer is made I am happy with.

    I currently link to RSS MAD from 2 or 3 of my other sites. If the RSS MAD is sold I will keep those links up for 2 months.

    Payment Details

    Payment via Escrow with a split fees structure. I live in New Zealand so bank wire is probably not the best option. Paypal I don't trust for large amounts.

    If you're interested, please contact me at <<removed by request>> or by MSN Messenger at [email protected]. You can also PM me or post here.


    The current high bid is $6,000, which you may view here.
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    nice site

    best of luck with the sale

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