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    Anyone use WebTrends?

    Is worth the money? How are your experiences?


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    Did I post at the wrong forum?
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    Originally posted by Blikje
    Did I post at the wrong forum?
    I don't thnk you really posted in the wrong forum I just dont think alot of people use Webtrends when there are so many free solutions out there.

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    i'll try to help a little. first of all it needs to be installed on the server level. so you have to have a dedicated box.

    i've installed and used it at my previous web development company and I liked it. it has lot's of charts and graphs and gives statistics on about everything you would want to know (again, this depends on which product you are getting, i think webtrends offers like 2 or 3 different lines depending on size of business. We used the corporte edition) honestly, though, i wouldn't buy it myself. just a little too pricy, unless i had an ecomerce site like amazon (well, maybe not that big but you get the idea)

    as the previous person said, there are a lot of free solutions out there, plus if you are not that big or are just starting out, i have found that even webalizer that's in Cpanel works just fine.

    they do let you download a trial. so try it out. takes like half a day of less to set up and get running. very easy to do.

    hope that helps.

    oh yeah, i think it's a windows only thing...unless they've developed or ported a unix version
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    What are some comparable free solutions?

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    Urchin from is my favorite not free,
    but you can find some large host companies offering it free.

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    try Awstats. it works on virtual accounts too, you just need the path to your log files

    i think the URL is

    if not do a google,

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    Try, very useful to track the visitors (profile for each visitor) and
    detect the fraudulent transactions.

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    I like AWStats ( and LiveStats.

    WebTrends is $$$

    It's great for end-of-year reports where you just download the demo, print off your reports and be done, though
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    WebTrends is sweet, but to the best of my knowledge it only works on Widows web server environment.

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