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    Hello all

    Ive been interested in the threads about 1&1. I have been looking at their packages and Im very tempted to move to them. Are your comments thus far concerning all 1&1 or are 1&1 a different entity? Im based in UK

    I have been with Namesco for some 18 months. For the 1st 12 months all seemed pretty good but since then Ive had o many problems Im very fed up and looking to move on - but keen not to jump from frying pan to fire!

    Comments appreciated


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    I believe both .com and are the same for 1and1, so no real difference there.

    Looking at the search function seemingly brings up a lot of controversy, so double-check to ensure you make an informed decision

    Good luck!
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    What issues did you have with Namesco that made you swap the host?

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    Don't go with 1&1 they are terrable.

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    I believe both .com and are the same for 1and1, so no real difference there.
    In a sense yes, it's true. Then again, there is a price difference, and the fact that customers' website are hosted in Europe, not in the US. This can in theory result in different experiences.

    Somehow, I've always assumed that people posting here used the unless they mentioned something to the contrary, or it somehow became obvious they were not American.'s offer is for people in US and Canada.

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