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    Talking Forum Admins Needed! 80%-90% total payout!,,

    Want to adminstrator Forums and get paid?

    My problem is that I'm trying to work on too many sites at once.
    I have few good forum domains but they are not really active at all.

    I'm looking for 2-3 adminstrators/mods to work on each forum.

    These forums are getting really good natural traffic (Search Engine traffic). Most are getting 200-300+ unique visitors per day
    All it needs are some hand holding.
    Need dedicated people who can promote the forums and earn money on the side.

    If one person admin the site, the payout will be 70% (I will keep 30% for hosting/domain/vBulletin/marketing/designing expenses)
    If two people admin the site, the payout will be 40%, 40% (I will keep 20% for hosting/domain/vBulletin/marketing/designing expenses)
    If three people admin the site, the payout will be 30%, 30%, 30% (I will kep 10% for hosting/domain/vBulletin/marketing/designing expenses)

    The payout will not be short term. Payout is permanent! All you need is to be active and promote the forum at a healthy rate! (to be discussed)

    All forums are running on vBulletin (You/I will upgrade them to the lastest version) (MMA/UFC/PRIDE Forum, Link) (PlayStation 3 Forum, Link) (Search Engine Forums, very slick design, Link) (Xbox and Xbox 360 Forum, very slick design, Link) (Chartered Financial Analyst Forum, Link) (SUV Car Forum, Link) (Xbox Halo Forum, Link) (Video Card Forum, Link) (BackPacker Forum, Link) (WordPress Forum, custom design, Link) (FireFox Forum, custom design, Link) (Microsoft Zune Forum, Link)

    I have many many other forums but they are Japan related or very narrorwly focused subjects.

    Please PM or send me email for futher discussion. Need to be extremly motivated and dedicated

    Email: [email protected]
    Yahoo IM: [email protected]
    MSN Messenger: [email protected]


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    Cool sites dude. Good luck with that!

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    Are you interested in selling any of them?
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