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    Which AMD server to act as chat server?

    Looking for some advice.

    We want to setup a dedicated chatblazer server and are reviewing several softlayer configurations.

    At the lower-end we're considering either the AMD 170 or AMD 185. AMD 170 is 2.0Ghz dual core, while the 185 is 2.66Ghz dual core. The difference is the $99 setup fee payable on the AMD 185. Would there be enough performance benefits going with the AMD 185 over the free setup 170?

    The other option we're considering is the AMD Opteron 270 4 x 2.0GHz. Which has double the RAM (2gb), dual processor and costs about $100 a month more.

    We're looking to host around 1,000 concurrent chat users initially, but expect to see those numbers grow rapidly in the months ahead. Our thinking is start with one of the cheaper servers to benchmark some numbers and then look to possibly upgrade later.

    Any advice?

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    we are currently using the duel opteron270 duel core with softlayer and this server is awsome, i would suggest paying the extra and going for that

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    Take a look at some of the Woodcrests, they will undoubtedly outperform the 270 at a similar price.

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    We already have woodcrests in the mix. But we're on a tight budget for the chat server at the moment, and want to get something reasonably priced to get the ball rolling and crunch numbers.

    I suppose I should direct the focus of the question to: Is it worth paying an extra for setup $100 of the AMD 185 over the AMD 170? Will we really see a noticable performance improvement for that one-off extra cost? I'm leaning towards the 170 simply because we may not keep the server for long.... but if there's a pretty significant boost going upto AMD 185 we'd probably take that instead.

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    you wont notice much difference in it its not worth the extra for the setup

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