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  1. Good Deal Or Getting Ripped Off?

    I currently have my site hosted at and after a while I'm seeing that many members are having trouble with it and the speeds aren't exactly to great. So i started having a look around for other hosts in Malaysia and came across a company called Fivio. I had a look through the packages and seen that they had a server for $97.22 a month without setup fee's. So i popped in an email to check everything was alright because i wanted to have an area for about 15 members could share files between each other like tv episodes. They said that was perfectly fine but would cost $120 because "your server will be separated from the other servers, that is why it cost you extra."

    I thought at this point why does it have to be separate, is there a reason for this or are they trying to swindle and extra $20 off of me?

    Also would i be able to do what i want with a server from leaseweb? I used the live chat and they said that was fine but i wasn't to sure if they'd just cancel my server if they found something like a tv episode on it.

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    Hi Dumpster,

    Id ask for justification of the extra money they asked for and ask them exactly that question, why will your server be seperate from the rest? its not like your doing anything that requires your own dedicated line.

    Leaseweb have told you that it should be fine, but your very right to be cautious, have a look at their terms and conditions (TOS/Terms of Service) and see if it mentions anything about copyrighted media.

    Its great your being cautious though as many people have put themselves in your position and ended up having their accounts cancelled due to that same exact reason - having copyright multimedia files on the account.

    Best of Luck Dumpster!
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    Hey Dumpster,

    As far as the TV episodes are concerned, it really has to do with where a given server is hosted. Certain laws are applicable here in the US in regards to copyrighted material which are not applicable in the UK. Even if a TOS doesn't state that it is illegal to host copyrighted material, make sure you govern yourself by the local laws.
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  4. Thanks for the replies

    I sent a message to Fivio asking them to justify the extra cost. I should probably get a reply soon as there customer service seems pretty good.

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    I would think if you are not hosting proxys or something like a warez/torrent site you shouldnt be put seperate, the only countrie i know of that dont really have such laws is sweden, i think most other countries are real strict

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    I think thats an alright deal

  7. Well i got a reply. This is what the message says :-

    It is because since your server contains illegal files, we put it in different network.
    What are your views on this? Should i just stick with going with these guys or should i go for Leaseweb?

    FHnet - Could you please tell me of a few Swedish hosting companies around the price budget of $100, 50, 60. I know of PRQ.TO but as there prices are in Swedish i can't really tell but it looks like they only offer co-location and shared hosting.

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    I think its still illegal to host copyrighted material in Sweden, the only thing you can do is host a torrent tracker (or emule link site, etc)

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    I think copyright is a big issue here, you may want to check with your lawyer on this before continuing with what you are doing. For Fivio, I do not understand, if they know it is illegal, shouldn't they just stop hosting you? I really doubt putting illegal server on another network would help in anything.

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    This is more appropriate in the Dedicated Server Forum, moved.

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    I wouldn't go with that company, mainly because of the way they operate things. A company that acknowledges that your requirements are illegal and then places you on another part of their network thats designated for illegal activity can't be a good sign.

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