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    Torrent Flux


    I have received an email asking if i allow hosting for Torrent Flux, im not very familiar with the software and not sure wether to allow it or not.

    Now, from what i have been told it is a torrent download program that runs via the web, but what i need to know is does this software use up much resources and would it cause any problems for other customers on the same server?

    Also does Torrent Flux breach any US or UK laws?

    Any help is appreciated.


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    I read this is there forum "TorrentFlux is a Torrent client. It does not stream files to the public. It is used to seed and download shared files on the internet with other torrent client users." However I would not allow it to be used on my servers.
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    I think you don't allow to hosting Torrent Flux on your server.
    because in torrent their are mostly pirated, illegal content for download

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    I wouldnt chance it, torrent places/programs/files deal with MOSTLY illegal copyrighted software. It best to stay away from that sort of boundary material.
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    Most hosting companies do not allow such programs to run on their servers as much of the time it is used to transfer illegal files. It also will suck bandwidth greatly, I had a client running a torrent program on a dedicated server he rented from us, he was suing around 50Mbs on the network card --> bandwidth overage fees like no other.

    I also do not allow any clients to run torrent programs either on our hosting or dedicated servers, as it usually illegal software, movies, etc. being transferred.


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