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    * [HELP] Which One?

    After some searching i found those hosting companies:

    1) wirenine.c om
    2) skynethosting.n et
    3) websolvents.c om
    4) weberz.c om
    5) messahost.c om
    6) emaxhosting.c om
    7) power360hosting.c om

    The hosting plan that i am interested in each of those companies is the one at ~9.9$/month!
    Since this is my first time, i would appreciate it if you guyz helped me! Which one of those companies would you reccomend me to go with?

    Thanks a lot!

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    I would suggest that you search WHT for reviews for each of the web hosts you have listed above. That way you may get a better idea how each host will hold up.


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    I found most of them througn the reviews, but i cannot deside which one to chose!
    Most of them are offering the same things approximate.

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    Choose 5 of your favourite and then check out their support speed etc, and then choose the best

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    Quote Originally Posted by FHnet
    Choose 5 of your favourite and then check out their support speed etc, and then choose the best
    Yes I agree with this. This is very very effective. Another thing you can do is check there forums and read what a lot of customers are talking about.
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    Have not heard of most of them, had a website account with wirenine and except from a small dns issue which was partly both our faults they seemed to be very very helpful. Only had the account for 4 months so i cant really give a good comparison but in those 4 months there were no issues at all.

    They would be my best choice as im sure out of the lot you have posted, they have been around the longest, which is why i chose them and also through a friends referral to them.

    I recommend you do a little more research, ask them some questions, check their response times and choose which one serves you best.

    Good luck Indiko
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    The only advice I can offer, since you've come this far, is to ask some questions and check how well they respond.
    Also it may be safest to go with a host that has been in business a few years, since that makes it more likely they will actually be around in the future.
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