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    dedicated server for up to $75 with at least 1gb ram

    i'm looking for a unmanaged dedicated server up to $75 with no set-up fees.
    It should have minimum 1 gb ram, and a good cpu and at least 80 gb harddisk.

    do you have any recommendations?
    i also expect it to be online within 1 day.

    btw, i will be using at least 50 gb per month and using apache-php-mysql-ruby on rails. i expect daily pageviews about 30k or monthly 1 mio, but i might be able to scale it to have 10 mio pageviews in a month.

    premium bandwidth is a plus.


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    With the above specifications your going to have a very very hard time finding a server. The price range isnt bad, but a little low and to have the server setup within one day without a setup fee, that is also very hard to find.

    I would suggest checking out the offers forums and see what you can find, but you may have to lower your expectations a little. Most dedicated server companies request 72 hours to have servers setup. You may have to add $25 or so to the mothly fee to get a good server with 1 gig of ram on a good bandwidth connection.

    Just suggestions


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    what are your opinions regarding these deals?

    * Intel Celeron 3.0Ghz
    * 80GB 320GB Hard Disk
    * 512MB RAM
    * 1000GB Traffic
    * Remote Reboot Port

    $69 / Month + 15$ for 512 mb upgrade

    * AMP Barton 3000
    * 160GB Hard Drive
    * 1024MB RAM
    * Bandwidth: 1500GB
    * IP Addresses: 8 (5 usable)
    * Private VLAN
    * Basic Resource Monitoring
    * FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, Windows*
    * 100% Self Managed and Dedicated

    Monthly Fee Options:
    $79 | $19 Setup

    Intel Celeron 3066 MhZ
    1024 MB RAM DDR 400 Infineon
    Hard Drive
    160GB HDD IDE WD 7200 u./min.
    1000 GB Bandwith incl. p. month*

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    The amd barton servers hold up alot better than the celeron servers do. LayeredTech usually requires up to 72hrs for server setup, unless this server is a rapid deploy.


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    i decided to go with iweb8.
    will try to share my experiences as i will start using their service.

    Everything is going good right now.

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    I bought a celeron windows server from iweb a couple of weeks ago and am very impressed. they answer tickets promptly and am very happy with the pricing too

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