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    Booking Calendar - Small Budget

    Please see this site:,21511080451

    See the villa availability system at the bottom, I would like a similar replication of that.

    Instead of weeks, would like days so 1 2 3 4 5 6 and have a colour for available and a colour for unavailable.

    Would also like a mouseover on each block saying Available / Unavailable and when its available giving the option to book this date so it says book and it takes you to an enquiry form which has carried the date accross and then asks them to choose the end date and then they can fill in the rest of the form.

    Does that make sense, think its quite simple, very low budget on this one.

    My normal php programmer is not around, I need turnaround of a few days on this if people are interested.

    Please pm me with offers and timescales

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    anyone interested? im open to offers

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    I might be intrested. I will take a larger look in a hour or two and I will contact you then. Please IM me at BBGun200 on AIM so I can contact you later

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    You can take a look at our application -

    Best regards,

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    cheers bit more expensive than i was looking, i dont actually need a booking system i just need the calendar connected to a contact form.

    thanks anyway

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    i have had some interested but the client its for has a max $75 available for this, if you would like more details about how simple the system needs to be please contact me.

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    hi sorry job closed original commisioner has pulled out.

    thanks for all your interest and will keep you in mind for future work!

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