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    Question Simple "drop-box" style FTP uploader (Windows)?

    I want to find a program to give my clients that simply connects to ONE ftp location (stores the password and the desired folder, which they'd enter only the first time) and presents no/few other options.

    They'd simply launch the app, then drag their files onto it to send them to the right place. Failing that, what's the "least intimidating" (preferrably free) FTP app out there?

    Even showing a list of files on the server isn't needed (though it wouldn't be bad to have it, with a simple Delete button).

    The goal is to let them put PDF documents in a certain place easily, with minimum other options that "look scary" or invite accidents. I'm a tech-head, but they're not.

    I think there's a Dashboard widget like this on Mac, but I want something for Windows XP.

    Thanks for any leads!

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    What about a php upload script?
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    Good thought. I'm thinking of server-side stuff too, but some of my clients change servers enough that I want something totally independent of that--and something that will work for anyone, with a set of generic instructions I'll write.

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    Get someone to knock up a custom Windows app to do the job. It'd be no big deal in, say, Delphi.
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    Visual Basic would work too.
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