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    * More info needed? - What next for transfer!

    Please read carefully and answer, like always. hehe.


    I have transferred a domain (say from Yahoo! to GoDaddy. There is no emails or website on this domain at Yahoo or anywhere else! This is just a domain without anything attached.

    I received an email that said, "Domain Tansfer Confirmation". After that I called up your Customer Service. He told me to go to GoDaddy Domain control panel - select - select Nameservers - select default parked servers - click ok.
    I did the above.

    Now, please tell me that is everything regarding transfer of this domain over? Will I be able to have email services and websites at GoDaddy servers with this domain? Or is there something else I need to do with Yahoo! and GoDaddy for complete transfer of this domain and everything?
    -- If everything is not done...please tell me what is the next step?
    -- Or, If everything is done...can I cancel this domain's service at Yahoo?

    This is my first domain transfer so I don't know what is the process. I don't want to have any problems in using, having websites and emails at GoDaddy with this domain. And I want to do away with Yahoo! for this domain.

    I hope you understood my question...please reply.
    - Just a small ordinary customer looking for cheap and best things backed with great customer support and honest business practises.
    - Not affiliated with anyone.
    - Looking for honest answers and giving honest responses.

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    if it's in your Godaddy account, then the transfer is completed.
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    Login to your and check the domain that you have transfered from yahoo is present in your account. If the domain is present in your account then the transfer is complete.

    For viewing the site that you have uploaded then you need to have the name servers of the hosting company where you are hosted. there is panel in your account where you can change the name servers of your domain.

    Please note that changes in the name servers will take around 24 - 48 hours to propogate since the updation of the same is done on a global database.

    Thank you.


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    some losing registrars will not send an email or notice. if the name is in your account good for you

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