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    Streaming videos on my website

    Hi everybody,

    I wanted to host (or stream) some video files on a website. On the html-page there should be a menu to select the videos, if you click at one item, the file should be played in the website. NO live-streaming, I just want the videos to start immediately and to be played embeded in the website. So I think linking directly to the files is the wrong way.
    What do I have to do? Do I have to put the videos into the html-code by using the "embeded"-tags? Or do I need a streaming server? As far as Iīm testing it, it seems to me that using the embeded-tags works - the files start immediately, jumping back or forward to other positions inside the movies insīt possible - looks like streaming . But does that really work in every case? Or do I need a streaming server?



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    playing the video embeded in the website is streaming.

    If you prompt them to download the movie and they can play the movie at their own leisure, then that is not streaming.
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    I have seen on a hotscript website a copy of a simmilar you tube script it looked wicked ill try find you a link

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