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    how to setup webserver(Freebsd)

    how to setup webserver(Freebsd)

    and aslo what is basic requirement.

    please share your knowledge


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    I would suggest you get a control panel to managed your server

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    First, read the FreeBSD Handbook, in particular the section on installing applications.

    cd /usr/ports/www/apacheXXX (whatever version)
    cd /usr/ports/www/lighttpd (if you prefer this one)

    make install distclean

    And you are done (installing - configuring is another matter).

    If you are putting a server up on the internet and are not able to get to this point on your own, then your lack of knowledge makes it a certainty that you will have many problems, not the least of which will be security related.

    Walk, before you run (learn locally before going live in the wild) or hire people to do the work for you / pay for managed server.
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    The requirements depend on how much traffic your sites get and what modules you need, etc.

    There's many different http servers you could use, Apache, Cherokee, Lighttpd, thttpd, nginx, etc.

    If you're not familiar setting stuff like this up you'd be better off purchasing a managed server.
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