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    web hosting poll

    could you all please help anser these web hosting qestions this is for my marketing research

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    oops nevermind
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    What words would those be?

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    Voted (Webmaster)! Cheers!
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    thank you guys is this for my own webhosting company i am trying to find out what type of uses go for web hosting this will help me in advertising in online and out side field if any one who is doing the same please take these readings and use them itl be worth your wile

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    could you try and keep it to one answer per person

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    Even if your target market is WHT, the results from these polls are hardly statistically representative.

    Also, the 3 options overlap each other to a certain extent. For those in the overlapping areas, it's hard to make only 1 choice.

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    Cool, I'm all three
    hi there!

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    I had to vote for all three.

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    i go with webmaster.

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