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    Backup Mail Services

    i just happened to read the thread entitled "Help me have a "backup" webhost if my main goes down!"
    and then an older thread linked to in it ("Anyway to avoid downtime (not due to migration)?")

    So i was wondering if anyone had any experience with Backup Mail Services?

    DNS Made Easy do 1 domain for $12.95 a year.
    And ZoneEdit have a Store and Forward option and seem to cost $10.95 a year
    SiteSolutions - $18/year
    No-IP - $29.95/year
    DNS Exit - $19.99/year

    There are tons of companies offering such services - but has anyone used / is using them?

    Also - do you have to use their name servers for everything, or could you simply use their backup server as a backup in the MX records for my domain?

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    Try to search the use the search feature here at WHT for some of those companies

    or simply google the co. name!
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