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  1. #1 user:pass database hacked and up for sale?

    Don't know if it's for real, but

    makes for interesting reading.

    If you're silly enough to still have domains at RF, here's yet another worry.

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    this sounds really like a silly idea by someone who's had some issues with RF and is looking to damage RF's image...

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    Not sure...

    About 2 months ago 2 of my hosting customers misteriously got their DNS servers changed and nameservers registered to some IPs under their domains, checking login history on RF showed that their accounts were used from some IPs in US, but using a Firefox browser with russian language (ru), at this point, both customers restored dns for the domains, blocked the access using 'SecureRange' feature on Registerfly, and started a transfer away for all domains.

    I don't know if the database has been hacked and is being sold, but, at least, there is someone there who can access some accounts to create nameservers, change DNS servers for domains, and make your site down. The 2 customers that had the issue have no relationship between them apart from being from the same country and being my customers.

    BTW: After reading GFY's post, i believe that the guy is an a**hole, probably a joke.
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